Gay men promote their unique funniest and sweetest hookup tales

A self-described a€?hopeless romantica€? questioned their other Redditors for his or her a€?funny/sweet hookup reports,a€? therefore understand how it is on the web: inquire, therefore shall get. Here are some of the finest reactions… or, at the very least, just as much of those as we can securely print!

The icebreaker

a€?This one hookup I became with was actually getting a little bit of time for you loosen up. He only bottomed once or twice before and had been battling somewhat. … thus I leaned in and whispered escort service Coral Springs, a€?No homo.’ The guy tried to hold-back the laughter but could not. Sometimes laughter is the best method to unwind your own bottom.a€?

The butterflies

a€?I visited a pleasant pond to look at the sundown with a man a little younger than me. We found a wanting counter, and I advised your that my intend is for him to kiss-me, which we did until a haggard drunk approached all of us. We went back to his room where we investigated each other and made love for 4 hours. His roomie fundamentally stepped in, therefore we froze for a while and waited for the man to-fall asleep (in identical room) before resuming. He … collapsed onto me personally, in which I conducted him – truth be told there, we butterfly kissed as our breathing completely synchronized so we drifted into sleep. Have not observed him since. It had been like a weirdly gorgeous desired.a€?

The check-in

a€?I had a FWB in my latest urban area who had been great. He’s the reason why I was able to find used to bottoming. He was more experienced and used to have me more than throughout the sundays and then we’d bring lots of fun with each other. I got eventually to attempt something new with him, plus it got advantageous to me. One nice time specifically stands out. I happened to be having my earliest threesome with your and another man I became meeting for the first time which he knew. We were creating a lot of fun, plus they had been supposed at they for quite to start with before my FWB explained getting on my back. … He leaned in actually near and kissed myself. Next, with this dumb laugh on his face: a€?Hey.’ Me: a€?Hey.’ It was like he had been so very happy to need me immediately for the reason that second, despite having others guy for the area. He was time for something common and comfy, plus it was as though he had been stating, a€?i have have your.’ Like, acknowledging all of our sexual company across the greater part of per year when this occurs. It actually was just actually sweet and I think about it plenty!a€?

The trip instructions

a€?Last springtime, I continued my very first solamente visit to Puerto Vallarta. Inside my visibility, I pointed out i needed people to show me around. We came across with a man my age, and we also performed that. To my final full time, the guy took me to a neighboring island on a little exploring journey. Even as we got in to his apartment, the sun’s rays got place just right. We exposed all windows inside the place, there was this orange hue of sunlight I’ll most likely never ignore [that] cleaned over his bedroom. Ordinarily, I would never ever dare perform the action because of the microsoft windows available, however the environment is simply also best. I topped your and in addition we cuddled until the sun went down. Even today it’s still more intimate intercourse i have had with men. I’ll most likely never disregard they.a€?

The swimming chief

a€?I was participating in a swim meet at another university. The captain of these college’s teams had agreed to allow my group rest on to the ground of his (tiny) home. Whenever we have there, we knew there ended up being absolutely no way we can easily all fit, very the guy wanted to leave individuals sleep-in their area, which I grabbed him on. We laid all the way down [with a] towel as a blanket and hoodie as a pillow. He closed the door, and after about two minutes, he states, a€?You know, there’s more than enough room to my bed.’ (It actually was a twin XL, and we also happened to be both 6-foot-tall swimmer dudes; there was no way area.) The rest of that evening was actually… remarkable as you would expect, as got acquiring stepped in on by certainly my personal teammates 6 many hours afterwards.a€?

The long-distancers

a€?Met a son online. We spent a fantastic 20 period collectively. Then I transferred to Asia. (i am from Canada.) But we were able to persuade him to check out me. We have been along for over 36 months today.a€?

One date

a€?15 in years past, I experienced a hookup with a tall, hot twink. It changed into enjoying anime and cuddling. He’s my hubby now.a€?

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