Have not applied for anything except a small loan (repaid) with my bank

I’m on disability for the last 10 yrs. Checked free credit karma and shows a $ unpaid to Speedy Cash and turned over for collection in . No one from speedy cash returns calls or emails. The collection agency states their info shows only the amount but no details. After reading the horror stories on their questionably legal practices I’m not surprised.

Hi Jack – Speedy Cash takes the issue of identity theft very seriously. We have a dedicated, full-time Fraud Team that handles cases that are discovered or reported, and works with law enforcement and our Risk Team to help mitigate future cases. Should you or anyone have questions or concerns please call us at 1-877-336-9392.

Hi Jere’Lynn – The experience outlined is not reflective of the core vision and values of Speedy Cash

I then noticed I messed up my bank account info. The lady then cancelled my application and said I had to reapply with the new bank. She then ran it and said my application was now denied even though I was approved the first time. She said I could reapply in 3 months but would get denied again because of my bank account number. This company’s business https://paydayloanstennessee.com/cities/mckenzie/ practices are bait and switch and a big waste of time. When I told the worker this she said I am a scumbag and people like me should never get a loan. She said this after I told her I was a ** man needing a loan. She then told me they don’t like approving ** (exact words) for loans. I’ll never do business with this company if I had a gun to my head.

Hi Shane – Please rest assured that we take this kind of feedback seriously and are taking steps to address it. If you have any other concerns or would like to speak to a Customer Service Representative immediately, please call 1-800-273-5602 or email

I applied for a loan with Speedy Cash and was approved

I get a threatening email from Speedy Cash. But I have been checking my phone and I have not gotten a phone call. I don’t work. I only borrowed $167 and they want $800 something. I have no money. I was paying them but they kept taking money out.

We’ve built our business over the last 19 years by making sure we take the very best care of our Customers and their financial needs. If you have any other concerns or would like to speak to a Customer Service Representative immediately, please call 1-800-273-5602 or email

I was called I was approved for a small loan. I was told they would deposit 900 in my account which they did. However the check they did bounced. l called them. They told me if I pay the transfer fee for loan they would give that plus the bad check money back. I then had to give them 389 for transfer fee. Ok now they wanted another 500 for taxes on the loan. then another 270 for fee for Western Union. So they wanted more of this by iTune gift cards, Western Union and MoneyGram. Oh the check they gave for 900 did not bounce until they have you draw it out and send it back to Calf by MoneyGram. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD SCAM SCAM.

Hi Scott – We encourage you to report any information you have to the proper authorities, we are also happy to cooperate and confirm any necessary details to law enforcement. We take the issue of fraud and identify theft seriously. Anyone falsely representing our company will be pursued through appropriate law enforcement. Please feel free to reach us directly at 1-800-273-5602.

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