Receiving Forgiveness via the Closed School Loan Discharge Program

Don’t file the application anywhere else, no matter what anyone promises you, because there are tons of Student Loan Forgiveness Scams floating around and you definitely don’t want to fall into one of their traps!

You wouldn’t believe the number of scammers out there who will make all sorts of wild promises in order to make some easy money by stealing your personal information, so be extremely cautious about deciding who to trust.

Checking The Status of My Application

Unfortunately, the Borrower’s Defense Claim applications are taking forever to process, which many people waiting over a year before hearing back on the status of their claim.

But don’t let the idea of a long wait stop you from applying, because BDAR is truly your best shot at getting your loan forgiven and having money refunded, even if President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos hate the program and want to dismantle it entirely.

If you think you’ve got a shot at receiving an approval, my advice is to fill out your application as soon as possible so that even if the program gets cancelled, your application will be in the system and they’ll be forced to honor the process and provide you with forgiveness (if you quality for it).

There’s never been a better student loan forgiveness program on offer, so make sure to take advantage of Borrower’s Defense even if your claim is a long-shot at getting approved.

As I mentioned above, there are two ways to receive student loan forgiveness as a former student of Everest College, so if you don’t feel that the school defrauded you and therefore don’t think you’ll qualify for the Borrower’s Defense program, then have no fear, because there is another way.

The Closed School Loan Discharge Program is your second best way to qualify for an Everest College discharge, and it was created for students who were still attending the school when it shut down.

The nice thing about Closed School Loan Discharges is that you don’t have to do any legal payday loans GA wrangling or convincing via arguments and evidence, because Closed School Discharges are a binary thing – if you were a student who left the school no more than 120 days prior to it’s closing (or if you never left it at all, but were still studying at the time of the closure), then you qualify for a complete student loan discharge.

And that’s a great thing for those of you who were left in the cold when Everest shut their doors!

Eligibility Requirements for Closed School Discharges

I have an entire page devoted to the Closed School Loan Discharge program, so if you need any further details after reading through the information below, be sure to head there first.

Remember, in order to qualify for the program you must have either been a student at the school at the time it closed or have left no more than 120 days before it closed. If you went to Everest in the 1990’s, then dropped out and never finished, you’re still going to owe whatever money you borrowed because you won’t qualify for a Closed School Discharge.

But that’s not all, because there are a couple of other conditions you need to satisfy as well. First, you cannot be attending another school after having transferred your credits from Everest College prior to the date it closed, and second, you also cannot have completed all the credits required for a degree from Everest College but failed to take the diploma for some reason.

If either one of these two conditions apply to you, you will not qualify for the Closed School Loan Discharge program.

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